The 6 Month First Offender Napa County DUI Program is an Education and Group counseling program for the drinking driver ordered by court to attend an extended First Offender Drinking Driver Program. The Education curriculum (6 weeks) includes videos, lectures and group discussions with informational materials on DUI law, court requirements, substance abuse and problem drinking. The Group Counseling component of the program (16 weeks) is conducted in a supportive atmosphere in which participants assess their relationship with alcohol.

Programs are conducted in English and Spanish. Our bilingual (Spanish/English) staff is usually available Monday through Thursday, 10am to 7pm and Friday, 10am to 3pm to assist you in setting up a registration appointment.

Call as soon as possible for an appointment. Give the receptionist your name and phone number. You will be given the next available time for registration. The registration will last approximately 2 hours.

The 6 Month First Offender Program cost is $1,131.00. Payment plans may be arranged by meeting with the Accounting Department before registration.

When you come to NCDUIP to register, bring the following:

  1. Minute Order of the Court Form and Court Proof of Enrollment Form.
  2. The violation date.
  3. California Driver's License/ID Number. If no CDL or California ID, obtain an X number from DMV prior to registration.
  4. $1,131 or a registration fee of $250.00 payable by check, money order, VISA or MasterCard (including debit cards). No third party checks.
  5. Cash payments are not accepted by the Napa County DUI Program.

Please arrive on time — you will not be admitted to registration if you arrive late. To register, you must call (707) 255-8300, ext. 6307, to make an appointment.

Failure to complete the DDP within 240 days of the date you were sentenced may result in suspension of your California Driver's License by the DMV and the Court may issue a Bench Warrant for your arrest.

Napa County DUI is a program of BACRlogoBay Area Community Resources